Random Minds PR - Entertainment and lifestyle publicity (Film, TV, Travel) in Vancouver, Toronto, NYC, LA, London


It all begins with a great story...

Sometimes the most (seemingly) random people, thoughts, and ideas come together to bring about extraordinary things. That is the philosophy behind
Random Minds PR.


Random Minds PR is a boutique agency that specializes in the entertainment and lifestyle sectors. By combining traditional media campaigns with social media, online, and grassroots outreach, our clients are able to capture attention across all platforms – reaching a wider audience. We work with clients in Vancouver, Toronto, New York, LA, and London.


We believe that there's more to a press release than "just the facts, ma'am." That's why we see ourselves as storytellers. Our stories have the power to make a journalist stop in their tracks and think, laugh, cry, feel...imagine.

"Publicity can be terrible.

But only if you don't have any."

-Jane Russell


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